Bloodworth Haunted Mansion, The Bay family estate, was built in 1870 by Bayville’s founder, flamboyant carnival entrepreneur, Balthazar Bloodworth Bay. It has been the center of supernatural occurrences, ghostly sightings and murder for over a century. 1922 saw the house briefly occupied by Balthazar’s son, Dr. Bascombe Bay, an eccentric scientist who added a secret laboratory in the back of the house so that he might have a haven to perform his twisted, Frankenstein-style experiments on human corpses. He mysteriously disappeared three years later, but left the house in his will to his twin children, Bethany and Bernard, who continued his ghoulish work. They began to experiment on unsuspecting visitors in an attempt to find a way to resurrect the dead… and bring their father back. They only succeeded in creating a horde of shambling undead monsters that had an insatiable hunger for human brains.

Needing more and more victims, the twins would host lavish dinners that ended with the guests being fed to the hideous undead creatures and many unlucky residents of Bayville went missing. More and more ghouls and zombies were created and soon the mansion began to change. The walls and ceilings moved as if alive. Some say the very house itself is evil.

On Halloween night in 1951, the mansion was boarded up, the twins seemed to vanish and the house has seemed empty ever since. Recently lights have been seen flickering in the windows and horrible, inhuman sounds have been heard coming from inside. And there have been tales of foolish trespassers who attempt to enter the mansion and are never heard from again.

Finally this Halloween season the Manor is being re-opened by the Bay family as they seek to put an end to all the strange disappearances. And now, you are needed to solve the mystery that lies within the mansion and stop the monsters created by the Bay twins. From the Basement where the bodies are stored to the Laboratory that has been overrun by zombies you can explore the Bay family’s mansion. Who knows what horrors lurk within? Will you even survive to tell the tale of Bloodworth Haunted Mansion?
Enter … if you dare!