In 2011, Doctor Jane Bay, a pharmaceutical chemist working at Axis Laboratories began developing a synthetic human growth hormone steroid called AX-387206 with the potential of curing neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases. In 2015 The US Defense department launched project CAGE (chemical and genetic enhancement) with the goal of using the new drug to develop genetically enhanced super soldiers. The drug was first administered to chimpanzees. At first it seemed be be a success. But then side effects began: aggression, self-isolation, and brain decay. But the most disturbing was when the apes broke out of their cages and killed and ate the other apes that had not been injected. Later it was discovered that the virus had become contagious and the other apes began to become infected.

In 2016 the first human testing was to begin despite the objections of Dr. Bay. The effects were immediate and horrifying. The subjects because unstoppable enraged animals killing everyone around them. The failed project CAGE became a mission to contain the outbreak. The containment facility known as the CAGE is the place where those exposed to the virus are kept isolated form the public. Now Bayville Scream Park invites you to enter the CAGE and witness the effects of the virus first hand.