In the Winter of 2008, the old Bay View Sanitarium for the Criminally Insane was set for demolition. The facility, located on the little used Sagamore Hill Pike, which housed some of the state’s most deranged and dangerously psychotic patients was being condemned and many in Bayville were very glad to see it gone. There were reports of hazardous, unfit conditions, unexplained deaths, and mysterious disappearances among the doctors and staff. The few who visited referred to the Sanitarium as the Devil’s Dungeon.

A transport bus carrying thirty-five of the most violently unstable patients to newer and more secure mental institutions never arrived at its first destination. A county wide search ensued and panic brewed in many neighborhoods for among the missing inmates were serial killer and arsonist Tyler Morant, cult leader dangerous psychopath Coleman “The Ripper’ Winters and the cannibal Norbert Storey.

After a three month investigation several officers and blood hounds went missing. Finally, the local police found the transport bus, empty and severely burned, in the middle of Bayville Forest. The driver’s body was found lashed to a tree. His head was found in another tree. The remains of four transport guards were discovered in an abandoned picnic area. Their bodies were hacked and slashed apart and arranged to spell the phrase “No One Gets Out”. But none of the escaped patients were located.

The authorities have called off the investigation. The media have labeled it all just a hoax. Yet locals never venture into the area - never mention the place for fear of what may hear… and emerge. What really lurks among the trees and in looming shadows of Bayville Forest? Could there truly be Evil In The Woods? And will you survive when you learn the truth? Do you dare enter or should you heed the maniacs’ bloody message… No One Gets Out!