Something has gone terribly wrong in this ancient temple. Foolish grave robbers have attempted to steal the cursed jewels of the Hybaara cannibal cult and in doings… they have unleashed a plague of horrors from beyond the grave. The terrifying zombie mummies of Hybaara walk the earth again -searching for souls to steal.

Historian and treasure hunter, Brewster Bay, desperately tried to prevent the undead creatures from escaping the Temple and laying waste to all of Bayville, but he and his team mysteriously disappeared. And now new recruits are needed. Who among you is brave enough to volunteer?

At a destroyed expedition site, a torn page from Brewster Bay’s journal was found amid the wreckage. According to his notes, he has left clues on how to stop the evil hordes of undead on four idols inside the temple. Find the idols and the clues. Put the clues together and solve the puzzle. Then all you have to do is find a way out!

But while you are trying to stop the ravenous zombie mummies from escaping into Bayville… they are trying to stop you! Will you succeed in your quest? Will you even survive? Either way, it will certainly be an A-MAZE-ING adventure in terror!