The Mystery Funhouse was built in 1890 by Bayville’s founder, flamboyant carnival entrepreneur Balthazar Bloodworth Bay. It was the last project he worked on before his death in 1899. At the time of its design the Funhouse was considered a marvel of modern technology and was the centerpiece of B.B. Bay’s Carnival of Wonders. But in 1971 the Funhouse was closed after several tragic events involving the clown known as Uncle Needles.

The original Uncle Needles and namesake for the Funhouse was B. B. Bay’s younger brother Baxter. He made quite a name for himself in the early days of vaudeville and even performed for some of the crowned heads of Europe. Part of his act involved bizarre gadgets that would shock and astonish his audience. Baxter passed away in 1910 doing what he loved – performing onstage. His last words were, “Don’t worry, folks. Uncle Needles will always be here.”

In 1969 control of the Funhouse was given to Baxter’s great grandson, Benjamin. Renaming it the “Fun House of Fear” and donning the guise of his ancestor’s famous role, Benjamin became the clown and rapidly the Funhouse itself began to get stranger and stranger. Benjamin was never seen in public without his Uncle Needles costume and make-up and soon was never seen outside the Funhouse. Benjamin took all that was fun and good about the original Uncle Needles and changed it in horrible ways. He became more and more obsessed with trying out new traps and dangerous gimmicks to surprise and terrify the visitors. He recruited spooky, twisted clowns from all over the world to work at the fun house. Soon things started to go terribly wrong. Visitors went in… but never came out.

The Funhouse shut its doors on Halloween night in 1971, but has recently been reopened amid protests from local historians. Some claim that they have seen the deranged clown lurking within and others tell of hearing an eerie voice saying, “Don’t worry folks, Uncle Needles will always be here.” When they turned… no one was there. What will you find? Step right up and discover for yourself what is waiting inside Uncle Needle’s Funhouse of Fear.